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In Australia, no specific Australian standard exists for arc flash calculations. As this is the case, IEEE 1584 is used to establish the incident energy and arc flash boundary for electrical equipment installed. PPE categories will be selected from the calculated incident energy using the Arc Protection PPE matrix, NFPA 70E 2009 Table 130.7(C)(10) Protective Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and Table 130.7(C)(11) Protective Clothing Characteristics. For Coal Mines Arc Flash studies have become a requirement of AS3007 since 2013.

Arc Fault Analysis

Arc Fault Analysis - What we offer?

​Inspection of switchboards and subsequent advice including redesign and positioning of switchgear into areas:

Form 1 – No segregation

Form 2 – Main busbars segregated from functional units

Form 3A/B – The main busbars are segregated; the functional units

Form 4 – As above, but in addition, each functional unit has its own cabling compartment

Conforming to the current edition of Australian Standard AS/NZS3493 to the forms of segregation as called out by the Standard.

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