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Grid Connection Application

We are proudly Australia owned and operated, providing grid connection application and modelling services to the power industry for over 16 years. Based on power flows, short circuits & dynamic simulations, we have been developing and conducting Power System Studies. If you are looking for Grid connection applications services for renewable energy and internal combustion engine generators, then we are the best you can find.

Services for Grid Connection Application process

An independent study from a trusted source can help you assess grid connection feasibility and the operation of your project against these engineering recommendations. Working with you, we liaise with the transmission and distribution system network operators and discuss your requirements, timetable and your proposed levels of generation.

We are then able to build an electronic model of the network and the generation project. By combing the two, we help you investigate network connection feasibility and potential network impacts, in terms of clearly defined technical issues. The process of assessing network connection feasibility can also include an estimate as to the likely grid connection costs.

​We will then prepare a packaged connection studies report and provided to the connecting NSP at the time of application for the Generating system data including:


  • Standard Planning Data (S)

  • Detailed Planning Data (D)

  • Diagram of connecting plant configuration

  • Simulation and modelling data for generation connections

Using the latest power system analysis tools, models and techniques to ensure the most efficient and reliable operations our experts can assist with the modelling and analysis tasks: Modelling and analysis tasks are performed according to the
requirements of AEMO and the transmission
network operators in Australia, such as PSSE and PSCAD.

  • Load flow and short circuit studies

  • Generation connection studies 

  • Voltage stability assessment 

  • Conductor / cable sizing 

  • Power factor correction assessment


Grid Connection Application process -what we offer?

We have developed a streamlined approach that helps you get your generating system grid application approved with the least amount of hassle.

Reduced complexity
Grid applications have increased in complexity over the past decade and have evolved into a single point of failure for the installer. It is more important than ever to meet NSP requirements or risk delaying your project, and, in some instances, being refused altogether. We will act as your single window vendor for Grid connection application to final approval.

Competitive Service
We offer experts who have updated knowledge and experience of NER rules and relevant Australian Grid compliance standards for smooth and early grid connection approval at the most competitive rates available in the market.

Fast tracked approval
We help secure approvals in shortest possible time by efficient and streamlined grid applications, which enables you to focus on what matters: installing systems to the highest standard.

Get personal support
BESST provides a single point-of-contact who will spend time examining your project, answering questions, offering advice and handling all the documentation surrounding your application.

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