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Electrical Engineering has evolved over years so have we. At BESST, we keep pace with technological transformation in the industry. Hence, we provide a wide range of integrated Electric System Design across multiple industries. Our team consists of engineers with experience in various domains and support the development of detailed electric system adaptable with low, medium, and high voltage applications. We can competently handle both your Primary and Secondary electrical design requirements.

Power System Design and Analysis

BESST ETAP system studies capabiities

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BESST uses ETAP (Electrical Transient Analysis Programme) for power system studies.  ETAP is a fully integrated AC and DC electrical power system analysis tool.  Power system studies are important in determining the safety of the electrical system.  The power systems study will identify any equipment which may be overloaded or under-rated.  It will identify areas where the system may not operate within regulatory limits.  It will provide an ARC FLASH analysis, which is important for determining the best work place health and safety procedures that can be applied.

Primary Electrical Design - what we offer?


Primary electrical design determines the specification, layout and arrangement of all the major equipment in the substation. Our primary engineers will coordinate the other disciplines and ensure that the final design has the look and operation that you are after. We offer:


  • Layout section design

  • Fitting selection as well as fitting design to suit

  • Equipment specification to all relevant Australian Standards

  • Short circuit forces to (IEC 60865 and AS 3865)

  • Cable line and sag calculations

  • Thermal expansion for busbars

  • Cable sizing for HV and LV cables

  • Fault calculations

  • Lighting design (indoor, switchyard and roads)

  • Arc Flash analysis to IEEE 1584 & NFPA 70E

  • Earthing modelling

  • Earth grid design and earthing details specification

  • Lightning protection

  • Electric and magnetic field modelling

  • Fault current distribution

  • Insulation coordination

  • CAD design in EPlan, ETAP and Autocad 2D/3D


Secondary Electrical Design - what we offer?

Secondary electrical designers coordinate the protection of your power system. From the selection of the protection equipment to the site commissioning of the installation, our secondary engineers will ensure that your design is completely seamlessly coherent with your existing system. 

  • High level protection design

  • Detailed protection design and wiring

  • FAT inspection test plan's and planning

  • Ethernet network design

  • IEC61850 substation setup and design

  • Setting calculations

  • Creation of relay configurations

  • Validation testing for transmission, distribution and industrial projects

  • Battery system design

  • Single line diagram development

  • Preparation of LV power and control cable schedules

  • CT/VT design calculations

  • CAD design - EPlan, ETAP and Autocad

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