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BESST’s start-up team consists of experienced and knowledgeable professionals, cross-trained to manage numerous power plant start-up and commissioning services. All BESST start-up team members possess extensive field experience in the start-up and commissioning of power generation facilities. They are highly trained in their particular field of expertise. Typically, our start-up team consists of a start-up manager, lead engineers, engineers, turnover coordinator, scheduler, craft labor and technical field advisors.

Commissioning Services - what we offer?

Because without our commissioning management, your project could be at risk.

Quite simply, BESST is the vital ingredient that binds together design, construction and operation through a collaborative approach.

BESST’s proven experience in start-up and commissioning worldwide will deliver your facility on schedule and within budget using the highest industry standards. Our technical support structure makes us unique in offering power plant start-up and commissioning services on a variety of technologies in various challenging locations throughout the world.

Think of us this way: we manage the gap between client expectations, design intent and the finished product. We don’t just tick boxes - we think outside the square.

BESST have established dedicated commissioning engineering staff servicing Australia & New Zealand. We offer specialised independent commissioning services including:

  • Reviewing contractor method documentation

  • Creating commissioning plans and schedules

  • Facilitating meetings and workshops

  • Functional testing

  • Reviewing operational performance

During start-up and commissioning, BESST’s start-up team will develop the commissioning plan using proven processes and procedures, which will include the following:

  • Develop a start-up schedule

  • Review the project safety plan

  • Compile technical data

  • Perform operability and commissioning review

  • Develop systems start-up boundaries

  • Develop test standards

  • Implement commissioning procedures

  • Develop system turnover packages

  • Walk down and develop system punch lists

  • Systems verifications

  • Compile technical data

  • Provide for initial operations

BESST offers start-up and commissioning services on a worldwide basis on various technologies such as:

  • Simple and Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Facilities

  • Coal Fired Facilities

  • Wind

  • Solar

  • CHP

  • Biomass

  • Geothermal

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