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For all engineering design in Queensland it is an offence under the Act for persons other than registered professional engineers to provide professional engineering services.

As a result we ensure that our engineers are RPEQ qualified for your Queensland projects. 

We are also able to certify and sign off your designs as needed. 

  • RPEQ sign off of designs in all aspects of engineering design described in our services including primary, secondary, civil and structural design.​

  • RPEQ supervision of design and workers

  • ​​RPEQ certification of design

  • Typically at the start of the project. In order to ensure compliance with the Australian standards and the Act.

What we do?
What is the best time to get BESST involved?

RPEQ - what we offer?

As supervising RPEQ engineers we are not only here to simply sign off drawings to meet the regulations but we also have very high design standards and are always looking to add value and to help you to achieve a great design.

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