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Diesel Power Station Extension, Gove NT


Off-site sub-contract services provided by BESST included:
Detailed design of each generator control panel and local distribution board, including:

  • Interfacing to the existing station control system and the station 6.6kV switchgear

  • Preparation of the generator control philosophy  requirementsSelection of the Siemens protection relays and Stemar protection CTs to suit the client

  • Preparation of the cable schedules and interconnection diagrams, both for the refinery and EPSA

  • Design of the cable routing inside the generator canopies

  • Design of the modifications required to the proprietary Caterpillar items to suit the customer requirements

  • Design of the generator control systems for synchronization and load sharing using Woodward controllers

  • Preparation of electrical schematics and specifications for tender enquiries for the manufacture of the generator control  panels distribution boards

  • Supervision of the manufacture, factory acceptance testing and installation of the generator control panels and local Supervision of the canopy cable installation and testing

  • Responding to client questions and requirements, attendance at client co-ordination meetings

  • Attendance at the client acceptance inspections

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