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The main reason for using ultrasound devices is thorough and safe cleaning of the hard-to-reach areas of machine parts, such as. B. valve blocks or filter cartridges.

The ultrasound technology in conjunction with an optimal cleaning temperature and the ultrasound cleaning liquid ensure high cleaning performance and thorough removal of dirt. Since the ultrasonic cleaning is gentle on the surface, it is also ideal for separator disks (avoiding scratches).

The method of ultrasonic cleaning is environmentally friendly compared to the usual chemical cleaning processes. For this purpose, the ultrasonic cleaning fluid ENVIROSONIC, a biodegradable and therefore environmentally friendly product, can be used.

Functional principle: Piezo-electric ultrasound elements produce high-frequency sound waves, which generate mechanical energy in the cleaning liquid and cause a "push-pull" effect on the surface of the metal element to be cleaned. This cavitation effect creates vacuum bubbles that implode on the surface, thereby thoroughly removing deposits and dirt without damaging the element to be cleaned.

How it works: Regardless of the use of the ultrasonic cleaning baths or when using the ultrasonic transducers in existing or custom-made baths, the cleaning liquid must be heated to an operating temperature of 60-80 ° C. The cleaning time depends on the degree of soiling and the U-Sonic performance.


Martechnic ® supplies the following ultrasound products:

  • • Standard baths

  • • Made-to-measure bathrooms

  • • Ultrasonic cleaning transducer

  • • Ultrasonic cleaning fluid



Type 380 - 2500


Safe cleaning of various components of the engine system helps to ensure long-term functionality. With ultrasound technology, various objects of different dimensions, including complex-shaped devices with difficult-to-reach areas, can be easily and efficiently cleaned in a robustly built ULTRASONIC CLEANING BATH. The size of the bathroom can be selected from the standard range depending on the objects to be cleaned or can be individually adapted to customer-specific needs.


  • Operating frequency: 30kHz

  • Power supply: 50/60 Hz - 230 or 440 (380) V

  • Material: stainless steel ASTM A240 / DIN 1.4571 mm welded 


  • More efficient than conventional cleaning methods

  • Fast cleaning e.g. B. the following parts: cylinder cover, cooler, valves, lubrication and heavy oil filter, turbocharger drive wheel, air cooler

  • Easy to use and accommodate in many places

  • Low noise level


High-frequency ultrasonic waves, which are generated by means of a SUBMERSIBLE ENERGY TRANSFORMER in combination with the ULTRASONIC GENERATOR, create cavitation bubbles in the cleaning liquid in a bath. When the bubbles implode on the surface of the objects to be cleaned, mechanical energy is released to remove any traces of contamination. This so-called "push-pull" effect enables thorough and safe cleaning without the need to disassemble the equipment before cleaning.



Ultrasonic cleaning with submersible energy converter


Ultrasonic technology enables deep and thorough cleaning of the engine system components. As an alternative to conventional, mechanical and chemical cleaning processes, ultrasonic cleaning is gentle on the surface of various objects and safe for the environment. The powerful high-frequency sound waves, which are generated with the help of the ULTRASONIC GENERATOR in conjunction with the piezoelectric SUBMERSIBLE ENERGY CONVERTER, enter the cleaning liquid in the ULTRASONIC CLEANING BATH and generate cavitation bubbles. If the bubbles implode on the surface of the objects to be cleaned, mechanical energy is released in the cleaning liquid and a so-called "push-pull" cleaning effect arises.


  • Ultrasound generator

  • Operating frequency: 30 kHz

  • Power supply: 50/60 Hz - 220 V

  • Output current (power): 3.0 kW

  • Submersible energy converter

  • Material: ASTM A420 / DIN 1.4571 stainless steel

  • PTZ elements: 12 pieces

  • Cable length: 5 m


  • Efficient cleaning process for various engine parts: cylinder cover, radiator, valves, lubrication and heavy oil filter, turbocharger drive wheel, air cooler

  • Easy cleaning of hard-to-reach areas

  • Application for up to four energy converters

  • Low noise level


Depending on the cleaning baths available to customers, the ULTRASONIC GENERATOR and the SUBMERSIBLE ENERGY CONVERTER are available in various sizes (available in a PDF file for download).


Up to 4 SUBMERSIBLE ENERGY CONVERTERS can be placed vertically in a cleaning bath and must be completely covered with cleaning liquid during cleaning. The energy required to operate a cleaning bath is set in accordance with the size of a bath based on the 5 W / L ratio. The suitable cleaning fluid (e.g. ENVIROSONIC from Martechnic®) is heated to a temperature of around 60 ° C in the cleaning bath, and the engine parts to be cleaned are then immersed in the bath for cleaning. The hard-to-reach areas of the complex engine parts can therefore be cleaned efficiently.



Ultrasonic cleaning liquid (concentrate)


The cleaning fluid ENVIROSONIC has been specially developed for applications in the ultrasonic cleaning systems from Martechnic ® . The environmentally friendly, water-based and biodegradable product delivers efficient cleaning results and is gentle and safe for the surface of engine system components. ENVIROSONIC makes it easier to clean the heavily soiled and hard-to-reach areas of engine system components such as fuel and lubricating oil filters, cylinder covers and valves, and provides protection against rust and tarnishing.


  • Biodegradable, environmentally friendly cleaning fluid

  • Arises from renewable resources

  • Easy to rinse with water

  • Intensifies the cleaning effect

  • Inexpensive ultrasonic cleaning

  • Protection against renewed contamination on the surface of the cleaned objects


The cleaning liquid is diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 5 to 1:10, added to the ULTRASONIC CLEANING BATH and heated to the optimal temperature of 60 ° C. The high-frequency ultrasonic waves, which are generated by means of an ULTRASONIC GENERATOR in conjunction with a piezoelectric SUBMERSIBLE ENERGY CONVERTER, generate cavitation bubbles in the cleaning solution that implode on the surface of the objects to be cleaned. This creates a so-called "push-pull" effect. The immersed engine parts remain in the bathroom for about 30 minutes. After drying out, they can be reinstalled. Before the cleaning bath is refilled for the following cleaning procedures, the cleaning liquid must be degassed.

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