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BESST’s start-up team consists of experienced and knowledgeable professionals, cross-trained to manage numerous power plant start-up and commissioning services. All BESST start-up team members possess extensive field experience in the start-up and commissioning of power generation facilities. They are highly trained in their particular field of expertise. Typically, our start-up team consists of a start-up manager, lead engineers, engineers, turnover coordinator, scheduler, craft labor and technical field advisors.

Project Management - what we offer?

​For more than two decades, BESST has provided engineering, design and electrical studies services for new power generation facilities, as well as support services for existing plants.  Projects include coal, gas, biomass and oil-fired generation and hydroelectric generating facilities.

What we offer:

  • Project Management of all types of projects, specialising in energy, power, water and gas   

  • Project Controls - monitoring and reporting of; scope, change control, schedule, forecast, budget, costs and risk management

  • Recommendations on project governance and appropriate resourcing for your projects

  • Project recovery - analysing schedules and budgets and redirecting your current projects to get them back on track

  • Site Management - from the site office driving your contractors and controlling all safety and environmental issues

  • Project Auditing - to ensure your projects comply with local standards and legislation in design, safety and the environment

  • Tender Management - selection of consultants and contractors to be deployed on your project

  • Contract management and quantity surveying

  • Board Papers and Presentations - for project approvals, resetting budgets and schedules for new or existing projects

  • Project Reporting - monthly reporting to update your project stakeholders on progress, including; scope, change control, schedule, forecast, budget, costs and risk management, presented in our clear and easy to understand template

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