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Why BESST Engineering ?

The business model is for BESST to work collaboratively with our customers, to support them in achieving their goals.

Support is offered in a flexible format to suit the needs of the customer, according to the type of assignment and to the different needs during the life cycle of a project.

We offer services in the following categories:

Specialised Engineering Services

Batterham’s Electrical Switchboard Services and Trading (BESST) at Brisbane, has provided planning, engineering and commissioning services for multiple substation, transmission and distribution projects. Our experienced electrical engineering consultants do not implement a one-size-fits-all solution to your complex energy needs. Your concerns are our concerns. Out team will sit with you to explore all the needs and concerns to customize an engineering design solution that works for you, not only now but in the future as well.

​We offer electrical design and drafting, control systems design and drafting, acceptance testing and commissioning for:


  • System Planning

  • Transmission and Distribution

  • Substations

  • Construction and Inspection

  • On-Site Engineering Services

  • Off-Site Engineering Services

Some of our engineered projects include:

  • QCLNG Curtis Island, Queensland

  • PNG LNG, Port Moresby & Hides Gas Field, PNG

  • Ranger Brine Concentrator, ERA, NT

  • Condamine Power Station, Queensland

  • EDL West Kimberly Power Project, WA

  • Maitland LNG Plant, Western Australia

  • Diesel Power Station Extension, Gove, NT

  • Andoom Power Station, WEIPA, QLD

  • Capral Aluminium Factory, Queensland

  • Overseas Projects:

  • MV/LV Switchgear Factory, UAE

  • Abu Dhabi Sewerage Projects Committee

  • Tarim Water Supply, Yemen

Specialised Services

The role of BESST in each of these projects ranged from designing a fully automatic prime power station to generator construction to electric support and back up services, to name a few. Highly qualified commercial electrical contractor BESST, Brisbane specialises in Industrial Electrical Engineering Design & Drafting services in a wide range of industries. We are Registered Professional Engineers (RPEQ) in the Queensland and we have worked with some of the largest international corporations on some of the biggest projects in Australia and around the world.

If you have a project which includes power and control systems for generation, sub-stations, transmission and distribution; and you need additional resources to meet the electrical and control design demands, then you can leverage the expertise of BESST.

We understand that the success of your project is often dependent on the availability of electrical power. Therefore it may be critical to the project outcome that the electrical design is on schedule and to the standard required for your application.

Follow the Sun

We can help put your project on schedule by using best practice, team drafting. This is done through co-ordinated teams. The interface with your project is either from our local office or from an embedded project support officer in your office.  

From our local office, co-ordinated teams are organised to work on your project, both in our local office and in overseas offices. 

The overseas offices are in different time zones, allowing the work to ‘follow the sun’. In this way the number of days required to complete a work package can be minimised. 

Contact us right away for more details on how this could help you.

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