Cable Sizing Services

Cable sizing services

Perfect for electrical contractors, electrical designers and electrical engineers, we will provide you with optimal and alternative cable sizes for phase conductors based on the multiple criteria of your project requirements

Cable sizing - What we offer?

BESST offers cable sizing services using expertise in ETAP software with various options which can be used for design requirements. Your design requirements can be customized or automatically determined from load flow, short circuit, and protective device calculation results with complex calculations from Australian Standards AS3000 and AS3008 quickly, easily and accurately.


You will get following advantages using our services over traditional manual cable sizing using spreadsheets:

  • Get guaranteed compliance with the Australian Standards AS/NZS 3008.1:2017 and AS/NZS 3000:2018

  • Size new cables or check existing cables based on Cable Insulation and Configuration, Load, Run Length and Volt Drop

  • Calculation of Maximum demand based on tables C1 & C2 in AS3000 with option to create custom templates.

  • Full network design from Supply to final sub-circuits.

  • Cable derating applied automatically for Parallel cables, other circuits in enclosure, other enclosures in group etc.

  • Be confident that your cable selection complies with Earth Fault Loop requirements

  • Volt Drop calculated on cable operating temperature and load power factor

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