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Are you putting together a project that needs professional electrical engineering services? Or does your project need more horsepower in electrical engineering to maintain its momentum and achieve your goals? Do you need a surge? Have you ever brought more people into your project team in the hope of being able to keep to your schedule, only to find that you are not making the progress you wanted? Firstly your have to prepare a budget and maybe you

don't consider the full overhead cost of the addition team members. You need a list of skill sets for your HR team. They get overwhelmed trying resource your needs. You are limited to candidates within a geographical area, or you have to structure a package with travel and accommodation. You have to find seating for your new members, and have the on-site infrastructure in your IT systems. Your new members need inductions and on-boarding.

Then you face the additional management effort to integrate the new members into your teams. Maybe you don't have the particular software tools for the new team members? You may find that you are losing visibility on what is happening, and your project schedule is falling further behind. Your on-site infrastructure may not be able sufficient for optimal performance. Your project administration team and document management team may not be able to cope with the additional work load without more resources.

BESST can help by providing a remote electrical engineering team for your project. The team is off-site. The team is not just engineers. In addition to the engineering skills you get a team with its own project management, software tools, administration, document management, reporting, scheduling, and cost control. This relieves the strain your your existing team and on-site infrastructure.

Virtual Methodology

Virtual Methodology
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